The Dry Hair Conundrum - What Do I Do?

Simply said, it happens when the scalp produces very little oil to moisturize your hair, or when your hair loses this produced oil in some way or the other. 

Well, how does the hair manage to lose its natural oils? As it turns out, every strand of your hair is surrounded by a protective layer called the cuticle. The cuticle, much like the ozone layer, guards against harmful external effects. And yes, once the layer itself is damaged, your hair becomes vulnerable to all sorts of damage.

The cuticle can be harmed in many ways – usage of a harsh shampoo, excessive washing, extreme heat-treatment, dry climatic conditions, living in a polluted environment, and so on. Most of us do try to take as much care as we can, but the fact remains that we live in a rough-and-tumble world, and despite our best intentions, dryness becomes unavoidable.

This is where we’d like to step in. Our conditioning products have been formulated specially to provide the extra care our hair needs.

The True Frog Everyday Conditioner, made from nourishing elements like Avocado Butter, Tamanu Oil, and White Lotus Flower, rebalances your hair and helps it face the routine stress that it confronts every day.  

The True Frog Deep Conditioning Mask is a special product that thoroughly hydrates, energizes, and conditions your hair from root to tip. You may use this once in a while, for a rich and lasting effect. 

Feel free to begin your anti-dryness regimen right away by shopping for our products, here.


  • True Frog

    Hi Shwetha,
    Do try using it for a while. Sometimes, for very persistent dandruff, it may take the whole bottle to see long lasting results. Incase there is absolutely no change, we do suggest consulting a trichologist who will have a more targeted treatment for you. Hope this helps. Do reach out for any other queries.

  • Shwetha Murali

    Hi. I have been using the true frog anti dandruff shampoo for about a month now,and I still have lots of dandruff and dry itchy scalp. Can you please suggest something? Otherwise I love the product for its minimal fragrance and smoothness. Thanks.

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