True frog offers a range of personal care products which are unique blends of scientific knowledge with traditional wisdom. We believe that the best way to take care of oneself is to stay as close to the nature and live in sync with in without causing any harm to yourself or the ecosystem around it.We are conscious that there any many
ingredients and chemicals which may have good immediate results but will affect you in the long run. We have removed the harmful elements and focused on
results without compromising on the efficacy. Our products are good for you, your skin, your hair, your environment.

It’s easy to verify our claim and your trust can be gained only through your experiences. We believe that we have offered the possible solutions to your concerns and we should be able to live up to your expectations.

They are the best that nature and science can offer. If there is something which can be done to make them better, we will work towards it.

Our products offer the best possible solutions to specific skin and hair related concern. We have focused on effectiveness and they will give you results. Our competitors will have their own strengths and weaknesses and we would like to leave it to our
customers to evaluate and compare.

We source ingredients from the best suppliers and manufacture them at ISO 9015: 2018 Certified facility in Bangalore. We maintain all quality parameters, do stringent quality checks to deliver value to our customer.


Our shampoos are sulphate free.
We use coconut derived surfactant, which is as good as any other strong

The naturally derived surfactant is milder than other surfactants but does not affect the cleansing properties of our shampoos.

Silicones create a seal which keeps your hair hydrated from within but this layer can
block other nourishing ingredients from penetrating and over time silicones can
build up on your hair giving a dry feel and dull appearance.

Parabens gets easily absorbed
into your skin and are harmful for the scalp. They can cause scalp irritation, dryness, fading hair color and even hair loss. So, until proven otherwise we feel it’s best to avoid them.

We believe it’s practically not possible to have a 100% natural or an organic product which will have a shelf life of more than a month. Our products are a blend of both natural and organic ingredients with technologically developed, scientifically tested natural and synthetic actives formulated in combination to get the desired result.

It’s normal to have dry hair after a shampoo as the shampoo will rinse off some amount of moisture from your hair. We recommend you to use a hair oil before wash or use a conditioner after the wash.

All our products have allergen free fragrances which ensures that people sensitive to fragrances and allergic to it can use it with ease. We do not recommend a strong lasting fragrance in skin and hair care applications as they are more likely to contain harmful chemicals causing irritations and allergies.

The mask is very rich in moisture and we do not recommend it to be used as a co-wash. 

Yes, they can, as all our products have allergen free fragrances 

Proteins in shampoos and conditioner helps in repairing the damaged hair and maintaining moisture. Our products have limited amount of protein to make it hydrating and moisturizing and does not make your hair dry. You can use it daily or limit your usage based on the condition of your hair.

We do not recommend a protein shampoo or a conditioner. Protein works best in your diet and only a limited amount of protein is added in our products to meet the overall balance. Excessive protein application can leave your hair dry. Please avoid solely protein based products and look for the ingredients which works the best for you.

You should give sufficient time to a product to check if the product is working for you or not. Few results would be noticeable immediately but few others may take time. Even immediate results may not be long lasting and you should try the product for 1-3 months to check for results. We strongly recommend you to discontinue usage of any
product which is causing discomfort.

No. All our shampoos have good nourishing and moisturizing properties.


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No. Only one promo code is valid for a single order.

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Cancellation is possible only before the order is dispatched. In case of cancellation of the order before the dispatch, you will be charged 2.5as payment gateway charges and the balance will be refunded to the cardholder and credited through the same
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