Styling Your Curls - The Dos and Don’ts

It is a universal truth that curly hair is notoriously difficult to style. Most curly heads are on a never-ending search for some magical technique that could solve their dilemmas. We thought we’d put together a list of helpful tips that could help you shape and style your curls more easily.

Look ma, no combs!

A comb might seem like an obvious choice, but your hands are actually far more effective. Slowly run your fingers through your hairs after conditioning, starting from the tips, and you’ll find that there is far less breakage.

Condition, Condition, Condition

You don't need to shampoo everyday, but spend 10 minutes each day, working a light weight conditioner through wet hair and giving a good scrunch. It'll add much needed moisture into your hair and bring those curls back to life. You do not need to worry about build up if you use a light plant based conditioner like our Everyday Hair Conditioner Squeeze the excess water with a towel while scrunching.

For a quick pick me up, add some of the conditioner to a spray bottle filled with water, give it a good shake and spray throughout. Scrunch.

Jump into the deep end.

It is imperative that you use a deep conditioner every once in a while. While regular conditioning is good, a mask really gives your curls the healthiest possible touch. Check out the TF Deep Conditioning Mask, right away.

If your happy with your curls, clap your hands.

Give your hair some volume by flipping it upside down and fluffing them at the roots. Do this once its a 100% dry.

A wash a week keeps your hair healthy, bouncy, and clean.

Procrastination is a big no-no when is comes to showers. The more the time elapses between washes, the more the dirt accumulates. Wash with a gentle sulphate free shampoo to clear away oil and dirt. The Everyday Shampoo for Curls  is great for this. It can be used on the scalp and the lengths of your hair too - puts the spring back into curls.

These are just a few main points to be kept in mind as you tend to your curls. Most importantly, be nice to your hair and don’t be rough.

You can thank us later.



  • Poornima

    Please advise for skin product

  • Punitha

    Please advice for hair products

  • Praniti Sarode

    How could my curly hairs will be curly for a week and how to style them to be curly

  • Praniti Sarode

    I have a curly hair. But after one wash day all the curls can’t be seen. Maybe because of conditioner but can’t afford a lot of money on just condition is there some home remedy for it so pls do let me know. Thankyou

  • Ashima

    Please suggest me a shampoo…
    For my hair fall problem

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