Why We Love Curly Heads

The Curly Girl (CG) method is a unique guide to curly hair care that has grown incredibly popular over the last couple of decades. So much so that several celebrities gifted with those natural curls have gone on to espouse it as the best approach out there.

The CG school of thought aims to treat hair gently, and stays away from harmful heat treatments and harsh chemicals. It also addresses the problem of dryness, which is extremely common with curly hair, and aims to keep hair consistently moisturized. Naturally, we at True Frog completely agree with this approach, and all products in our Curly Care range aligned with the CG method.  

This means that no sulphates, no silicones, no phthalates, no glycerine , no Parabens , no Phenoxyethanol and no artificial colors or dyes make their way into our ingredient-list. Natural ingredients like Tucuma Butter , Flax Seed , Chia Seed ,Beet root , White Lotus Extract, Tamanu Oil , Apple , Vinegar , Tamarind and Lemon Extracts do most of the heavy lifting in our formulations. The amount of Quinoa protein added is just adequate and ensure that it does not leave the hair dry with additional properties like colour protection .

 The TF Deep Conditioning Mask hydrates intensely and keeps your hair thoroughly nourished. 

The TF Everyday Hair Conditioner is a gentle option for those of you who like to condition more frequently. 

And the TF Shampoo for Curls is designed especially for curly hair, and also combines the moisturising properties of a regular conditioner.

We hope that our products are just right for you. If you have any queries about the Curly Care range, feel free to reach out to us. 

And do keep a tab on this space for more pieces like this one. So long for now.

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