Natural hair care tips

It would be refreshing to hear someone say they love the hair they're born with. But that's really rare. When you have straight hair, you want it curly and vice versa. Well here are some nifty tips to help you avoid all this hair stress and start a love affair...with your natural hair.

Step 1:

This step is probably the most important. Once you accept your natural hair the way it is, everything else becomes easy. You'll learn to work with your hair, rather than trying to tame it into submission (and fail miserably every time).

Step 2:
Finding a good sulphate-free cleanser

Sulphate shampoos lather a lot but it's a myth that a lot of lather is a good thing. It actually dries out hair and pollutes the groundwater too. Safe plant-based surfactants can do a good job of cleaning the scalp and are safer for the environment. A simple search online will present you with plenty of options (P.S: All of True Frog's products are vegan, sulphate & silicone free). 

Step 3:
This is where the magic happens. Find a good water-based conditioner. Nothing that is heavy or loaded with oils. Go through the ingredients and see if the first one is Aqua. Look for formulations that feature coconut water, aloe vera, flaxseed extracts, tucuma butter etc.
These help boost moisture levels in your hair. Hydration is key to happy, healthy hair.

Step 4:
Styling (without heat)
Straight haired peeps don't need much styling, but curlies need this one extra step. Use a moisturising styler to enhance texture and keep curls defined. Frizz and flyaways are inevitable, but using a gel or a mousse helps smoothen it out. Mousse or foam can add volume (for all hair types, so it's a great styler to have in your arsenal). Again, look for vegan, silicone free products.

Step 5:
This is the magic ingredient that textured hair needs. Get a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Add a dollop of your favourite conditioner to it. Shake it up and spray your hair with it every day (or even during the day)
This helps put moisture back into hair as it constantly evaporates. It also helps to reactivate the styler you used on wash day.
Avoid fussing with your hair when it is damp. Spray thoroughly, smoothen it over the hair and leave it to dry. Scrunch gently to get the definition back.
If you have straight hair, use a little plant-based dry shampoo on your scalp, flip your hair upside down and fluff. It'll add volume while controlling excess oil.

Hope this helps you start your happy hair journey! Do reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions.


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  • Subbu Kamal

    Natural haircare refers to a range of products and practices that focus on using ingredients derived from nature and free from harsh chemicals to cleanse, condition, and style hair.

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