Curls in the Monsoon

The Monsoon is finally here and it did not come to play. There’s one thing we here at True Frog can’t overlook- Monsoon frizz. No matter what we do, our hair can never seem to stay. It always seems to have a mind of its own. We wanted to bring some tips to help our hair with its frizziness from both inside and out. To deal with whatever the season throws at us, so that no matter what the weather outside, we always bring out our best.


Before looking at how to combat frizz, we should first look at how the frizziness starts. A strand of hair is lots of long tubes of keratin bundled together. It contains a weak hydrogen bond which can be broken by water. When that happens, it ends up more malleable, and as it dries, new bonds form in whatever shape the hair is in, leading to frizz. Even though it is a natural process, it is not necessarily what we would want our hair to look like. There are a lot of measures we can take to prevent or even stop frizz from taking place.


First let us look at how we can take care of our hair, to prevent frizz from the inside. We need to look for hydrating and moisturizing agents that provide hydration into the hair and the moisturization helps in locking it in for longer. While looking at your frizzy hair, the first thing that might come to mind would be to oil it. Put it that down. It's fine. Though oil does add a lot of moisture to the hair, it does not hydrate it. Start your routine with a conditioning shampoo so as to not over-dry the hair. Dryness is the biggest friend of frizz,a conditioning shampoo helps you in detangling your hair to avoid frizziness. A conditioning mask or a leave-in conditioner for your hair that would do wonders for your hair to keep the tips hydrated without messing with your scalp.


Even after all of that, if the hair isn’t at the level of frizz freedom that we would want, we can go for a styling approach. Use a volumizing mousse as a way to add some bounce back into the curls, as a quick refresh. A Styling Gel (hint hint) is also a viable option to make your hair neat and in place all day long. It helps in smoothing your hair and at the same time, adds a shine and protective barrier to help against the humidity which the monsoon also weirdly brings. Trying a Curl Defining Cream (another hint) would help with volume and help your curls stand out, giving them the support to shine.


Especially during these times in the year, avoid using heat on the hair. The excessive dryness of a straightener or blow dryer is a magnet for frizz. Along with this, it is best that you stay away from straightening or curling treatments during this time of year. Hair absorbs moisture like a dry sponge leaving the treatment ineffective.


The Monsoon, or any weather presents special challenges to our hair. Our biggest tip for the monsoon season would be to be patient with your hair, keep up with your routines and be gentle with your hair. The results will follow. Do you have any tips of your own to navigate these rainy days? Anything you would want us to cover or talk about? Let us know!



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