Curl Care Guide For Summer

“April is the cruellest month” - T.S Elliot

As the summer months and the tropical heat begin to embrace us, we must learn to take appropriate care of hair – the sun is especially hard on curly hair.


Don’t get hot-headed.

There is already too much heat in the air for your hair to handle. Avoid all heat-styling tools, as they only serve to make your hair more likely to break off. 

Don’t let your hair down. 

Once your curls get well and truly tangled up, it’s gonna be pure hell. To avoid this, gently detangle your hair while wet, and tie it up in a loose knot. This is quite essential during the summer, to prevent weakness and breakage.

Don’t shampoo daily.  

Everyday shampooing can only exacerbate the dryness of curls. Do your locks a favour and only wash your hair two-three times a week, with a mild shampoo like the Everyday Shampoo for Curls.

Don’t skip conditioning.

Rising levels of humidity mean that your curls will swell up, and get  frizzier by the minute. There is only one mantra to fight frizz - conditioning. A hydrating mask or a deep-conditioner is a great investment in the months to come, and can go a long way in helping your curls stay healthy and bouncy.

Happy healthy hair is just a few simple steps away! :)

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