Easy beginner routine for beautiful skin!

Skincare can be pretty daunting and with all the information out there, you probably feel like you're back in school, studying for a science exam!
But fear not. We'll take you through a simple 2 step process that'll make feel like a pro!
Step 1:
Find a gentle sulphate-free face wash. Drugstore face washes are loaded with sulphates, which give lots of lather of course, but will leave you with dry, tight skin after cleansing. A facewash like the True Frog Facewash for oily skin has active ingredients to prevent acne AND boost water levels in the skin, making it visibly plump and smooth.
If you are a make-up wearer, use an oil-based gel that'll gently break down make-up and wash off with water.
Now seal all that hydration in your skin with lightweight oil. Oils help the skin maintain the water levels and depending on ingredients, will act on any blemishes, pigmentation, dullness, when applied at night-time.
Find one with active ingredients like Rosehip, Marula oil and Olive Squalane. These oils work wonders on the skin to give clear, even complexion.
A light oil works for daytime as well, so there's one less product you need to worry about!
And that's it! Your skin gets taken care of and you can sleep like a baby :)

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